Monday, May 11, 2009

i hate you cuz you're pretty

on the plus side, i lost five pounds ^^
i havent blogged since spring break so i will give you an update:
celebrated granny panties birthday
mother's day dinner
studying for finals

thats it. i can't wait for summer to start. however there is a fifty percent chance that summer will be boring or the same as last years.
i can't wait to get tan, spend time with old/new friends, and earn more moolah.


ha we did it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

boom boom

well i am finally free from home. i love that i can be around now. my stitches are healing fine but i am still swollen. I'm guessing that i gained five pounds? ughh terrible.

well i just downloaded skype. i think it would be better if i had more friends that wasnt on the island. i guess that's the purpose of it.

mm so now i have to practice my speech. wish me luck!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what a spring break

spring break was going good. then BAM.
i get hit with terrible pains and i end up undergoing emergency surgery.
like how random is that.

im getting easily irritable. now that i am temporarily handicap, my mom is treating me more like a little kid. i'm gonna be behind in school. and now my manager is gonna hate me cuz i cant work for another three weeks. ughhh.

also since i'm not active, i'm gonna be gaining tons of weight.
i was prescribed four diff of meds. two of them which people abuse in real life. >__<>____<

Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring break

is better than i expected.

i am making the best out of it.

so far:
going to the beach ( i got a tan yayyy ).
went on a hike.
homecook dinners.
movie nightS.
met up with old friends.
water park.
spent money on jewelery.

it's still not over. :]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

today was a beautiful day! i got three exams back and i totally passed all of it. HOORAYY! now i'm officially on spring break mode. :]

i also went exercising too. i jogged at the beach for like 15 minutes then i walked to the nearby mall. got myself a jamba juice BUT then i also ate a few spoonfuls of yogurt. THEN at home i ate a teeny portion of rice and fish. i seriously need self discipline.

on the bright note i came up with two candidates for my future husband.

1. T.O.P from korean music group BIG BANG.
2. Andy Samberg.

ahh if only i could have them both.

i will end this blog with a picture i adore:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

heart and seoul

my friend told me to put that title. why? cuz i've been talking non stop about korea. i really really really want to go bad. i'm so influenced by their culture. ITS CRAZY. my week went by mmm okay. i hung out and ate sushi with a friend. and i got a free necklace from this really nice korean lady. then i had to work which went by pretty fast since i filed paper instead of stocking. i honestly think that i was meant to work at an office since i love to organize things. then my friend just randomly said after we ended work (10 pm) lets have movie night. we ended up buying snacks and going to walmart which i bought the 'i am sam' dvd for five bucks. that movie is so sad. sean penn is such a talented actor. then we headed to our friends place and watched 'the women' and 'house bunny' movie. we ended up heading home at four ish. so late -___- but thankfully my mom was asleep so she didnt bust me or anything.

i borrowed five books from the library yesterday and i finished reading two of it. I'm a really fast reader yet i comprehend what i read. talented eh? :]

its a saturday and i have the urge to shop. i want to go to mac and buy their grand duo blush buts its about $22. worth it? i have three blushes at home so idk why i want it. I also want to try thrift store shopping. it sounds fun to do.

sadly thee exbf's bday is right around the corner. i'm starting to chicken out to talk to him. i'll try lose weight first and then talk to him, ask him to go eat, and just give him his late bday gift. ahhh stressful.

on the bright note i am almost done with all my exams. just one to go. and yay spring break will arrive!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

la dee daaa~

soo its friday and i just came home from a late night dinner with friends.
i seriously gotta stop doing that and lose weight >__<



AFTER. (my my we have grown)


idk what i was looking at.

its gonna be a slow weekend. I gotta study for a geology exam. i can't wait for spring break. its kinda sad too cuz thee exbf's birthday is that week. he hasn't talked to me since we broke up.

well whatever meet my future husband:


until next time then!